From the list of courses below, purchase a package that suites your requirements to gain access to our courses. Also look out for our new courses coming soon.

Course Details

Our courses are divided into topics, to help you navigate to specific subjects based on your knowledge requirements.

  • Each topic is made up of lessons, quizzes and assignments.
  • The student will have to pass each section to pass the course.
  • Each lesson has a video tutorial to assist the student's journey.
  • Any student can send a message to our Course Teacher for help with a course, or ask a question on the Student Knowledge Base.

Course Access

Each course will be available for 12 months from the date of purchase.
During the 12 months you will have access to:

  • Your course material
  • Your student hosting area - where you will host your development assignments
  • Lesson Videos
  • The student Knowledge base

Course Packages

FTP Using FileZilla

Learning about File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Using FileZilla Client!
Web Development - Beginner

Building your 1st web site! Learn to design & develop a static web site. Using HTML5, CSS3 & PHP
Dynamic Web Development

Learn to develop dynamic database driving web sites. Using HTML5, CSS3, PHP & MYSQL
Building The E-commerce Site

Designing and developing a fully functional e-commerce site. Using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL
PHP Classes and Object Oriented Programming

Learn about Classes and the concept of Object Oriented Programming! Building on the experience gained within the last 3 courses we will create a few sample web pages using object oriented concepts. Using HTML5, PHP & MySQL we will develop a complete hangman game.
3 Course Bundle

Web Development - Beginner, Dynamic Web Development & Building The E-commerce Site
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